Spanish artist, graduate in History of Art. Her photographic self-portraits are an explosion of freshness, color and modern elegance. This is the result of applying the “know yourself”, or “well understood love begins with oneself”, a consequence of a millennial Mediterranean philosophy.

One of the first prehistoric pictorial techniques, where the hands, used in positive and in negative, possibly hands of the artist himself, were represented on the walls of the caves. We ignore its meaning, as we will never know the profound meaning of Elvira’s works, but it does not escape us that there is a fatal attraction on the part of the artist, that has always been there, to inquire into her own image.

There are a lot of ancestral rituals in Elvira’s body painting technique: she paints her face with her own fingers, using intense, saturated colors, perhaps to mask that delicate face of Botticelli’s Madonna. The safety of her strokes is an indication that there is no improvisation, and that this performance is not something compulsive, but the result of a strenuous study of herself.

After painting, photography comes, a technique that caught her since it met her, becoming a faithful journal. The ritual demands the complete interior catharsis, the nakedness of the soul, which is why Elvira’s gaze is lost in a window, facing the Mediterranean, inviting us to deepen in the inner soul, in the real Elvira.