This Galician artist, based in Madrid, started with Stoa from the beginning as Art Centre, with the exhibition “In the beginnings….” Many have been collectors and individuals who have been seduced by the sublime, masterful and impressive work by Gloria. Master of the different techniques in graphic arts: wood engraving, drypoint, etching, aquatint, linocut … does creative work and crafts typical of other periods of time. With the delicacy in the execution of the plates, follows a thorough and meticulous care in dying each piece of paper and the result is a unique work, with topics ranging from ethnic (“African Memories I”, “In the Market III “), the landscape of Andalusia (Sierra de Ronda II”, “Carmona I”), the urban landscape (“Bell Towers of Madrid II”, “Urban Night”), the forces of nature (“Volcano II”, “Lava I “), to still life (” The Little Table “) or portrait (” Portrait III “), to biblical themes (” Susanna and the Elders “,” The Tree of Knowledge “), mythological (” The Three Graces “), or historical (Aztec VIII).
Works with several plates prevail and color is one of the main characters in forms close to abstraction. No doubt this artist is the opportunity to enter the world of art and collection because Graphic Arts are able to get works in limited editions in which each individual copy is numbered and signed by the artist at very affordable prices.