Salustiano is a Sevillian, master painter of the figurative sphere, who has well deserved international recognition. His works, impressive portraits, stand out because of the brilliant technique of execution and the fine elegance that only the classics get.

In the contemplation of his work, it is an unequivocal reminiscence to the most sublime Renaissance, with a composition of “Quattrocento” invocation, in which the monochrome flat backgrounds of a resounding red, the “Salustiano red”, or an iridescent black, achieved by from natural pigments that saturate that Fund and over flow it, spreading through the clothes. This manages to isolate the figures, mostly torsos, obtaining an effect of superlative tridimensionality, as a breach of the glory of the 21st century. In this way, his figures become iconographic types of our time, becoming the paradigm of a new neo-renaissance of outright contemporaneity.